Mikayla Garver

Interior Designer

Mikayla is a recent graduate of Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. Simultaneously, she studied American Sign Language through Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. Combining her passions for design and sign, she researched the positive outcomes of designing the built environment with sensitivity to Deaf culture, or deaf people that embrace the use of sign language and identify with the Deaf cultural community. She aspires to continue in her endeavor, but also grow her abilities in healthcare design. Having undergone undergraduate research efforts in senior living environments, acquiring an internship in healthcare design, and volunteering in the emergency department of a hospital while in school, Mikayla discovered the meaningful impact designers can have on people’s everyday lives. As a result, she’s interested in creating evidence-based, functional, and supportive environments for patients and staff alike. Mikayla looks forward to interacting with clients and diving into the details to transform the lives of those who inhabit the spaces BUF creates. Outside of BUF, Mikayla is a Chiefs season ticket holder who equally loves the Royals and thoroughly enjoys playing tennis and eating ice cream – lots of ice cream.