Daniel Montes

Architectural Intern

To me, architecture is the ability to create others dreams into a reality. Repeating that, has been my driving factor to get me as far as I am now. Putting in countless hours and sometimes even sleepless nights to finish a project, has not steered me away from this. As a matter a fact, when I look at the finished project, it is a feeling that no words can explain and makes me happy to be where I am at. 

Currently a 4th year student at the U of A, getting ready to graduate in  2025. I have my own little family that grounds me in place and gives my inspiration to push ahead without fear. I enjoy going to the park or being outdoors with them. when I do have time to myself I love playing the guitar and losing myself to music. Fun fact, I own a 12-string acoustic guitar and three 6-string acoustic guitars.