Children’s Safety Center | Location TBD


The spirit of the pinwheel represents the happy and uplifting symbol of childhood.  A literal translation of the pinwheel in the building form divides three core programmatic functions into different areas each with their own secure entrance.  Each core function can be isolated for privacy, security, and comfort while a common core connects them to bridge the overall functions together.

The first of the three areas include the main lobby for visitors, critical event areas for victims of child abuse, and also houses administrative, forensic interview, and advocate offices.  The second includes rehabilitation rooms and therapy offices for post event treatment and the third area houses support functions for the Center and its outreach efforts for the community.

Each child that experiences the CSC gets to paint and place their own hand print on the walls of the place that is supporting their recovery.  The design takes subtle ques from this experience and utilizes them in the façade as branding and remembrance of the CSC vision.  To reinforce this vision further the glazing utilizes a fingerprint pattern to screen and secure functions for privacy and security while still allowing natural light through to the interior of the building.



15,200+/- Square Feet


Facility Type

Workplace Commercial