Hallmark Cards Corporate Office Renovation | Bentonville, AR


With the upcoming merge of their corporate offices in Bentonville, Hallmark Cards and Crayola wanted to create a more cohesive and functional office environment with more opportunities for collaboration and growth. Located on the east side of a large multi-tenant office building, the existing Hallmark space provided the perfect opportunity to bridge together the merging offices and to develop the underutilized spaces. Groups of cubicles were removed from the open floor plan to allow for the installation of the new spaces comprised of private offices and collaboration spaces. Touchdown areas were incorporated to allow employees to have a place to step away from their desk and have informal discussions. Pinboards and marker boards were added throughout to provide interactive zones. By integrating distinct moments for collaboration and interaction, the new space forges both companies together.



14,275+/- Square Feet


Facility Type

Corporate Office Remodel



Bentonville, AR