Ozark Sports Complex | Ozark, MO

Sitting on 20 acres of Ozark plains the Sports Complex is the site of competition basketball, volleyball, soccer, and flag football.  The building form is created from two volumetric shapes where the smaller shape fits inside the end of the larger.  The overlap between the two geometries is a unique transitional experience canonizing the lobby to a pre-game tunnel experience.  The exterior building form utilizes clean lines to simplify the large building size; while various colors of metal panels with wood accents create intricate detailing along the building façade. 

As patrons enter into the lobby it contracts and then expands into a substantial concourse with large panes of glazing overlooking the soccer and football fields on one side and the basketball and volleyball on the opposite side.  The concourse separates interior and exterior spaces so it can provide common support spaces and interactive viewing of all sporting events simultaneously.



Basketball, volleyball, soccer, and flag-football courts


37,600 Square Feet

Facility Type